5-Year Old with Schinzel-Giedeon Syndrome Upgraded From Nonvocal to Vocal with the use of Cannabis

Higueras have reason to celebrate Sadie’s 5th birthday

By: Julie Gallant

Sadie Higuera has reason to celebrate as she continues to reach milestones since switching treatment from traditional medications to marijuana to control seizures caused by a rare genetic disorder called Schinzel-Giedeon Syndrome….

The Higueras are excited that Sadie is showing progress at preschool, where her team of instructors upgraded her condition from nonvocal to vocal about a month ago as Sadie is beginning to vocalize sounds when she is happy or upset.

Brian said Sadie has made some special friends at Ramona Elementary, including one boy who enjoys having snack with Sadie, which she receives through a tube.

“They’re always together during break time,” said Brian, who recently took Sadie on her first ever trip to Mexico. “He just loves Sadie. It’s pretty cool.”


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