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Our family has a particularly important mission  – to inform the parents of special needs children about the availability of cannabidiol  – a 5,000 year old natural supplement that has been changing the world one story at a time.

We found our daughter very intelligent – yet “quirky” in her ways. We did not suspect anything different about her, other than being an old lady in a 3 year old body. Once she started pre-school – however – she began to show difficulty in class. The meltdowns began to intensify at school and the teachers suspected an evaluation may be in order – that’s when we found she was on the Autism Spectrum.

As she got older, her behaviors became worse  – happening anywhere and at anytime. She became destructive and disruptive – affecting her academic performance terribly. We tried many strategies, but few worked.

A therapist told us about the successes found by two families that tried Low-THC cannabis. One family was treating insomnia, while the other family treated epilepsy. Many of our daughter’s behaviors were fueled by the insomnia she suffered with – and we were desperate to do something to help her without the reliance of heavy psychotropic drugs.

Once we did our research, we decided to give CBD oil a try. In a matter of days, our daughter was sleeping and the tantrums were subsiding. We were accustomed to 3-4 tantrums a day, and with the CBD oil, was down to 1 tantrum a week. We could not believe how fast and effective this oil was – which many cannot say with some of the prescription drugs that are prescribed. Now, our child is living a better life because of it, and our adult family, friends, and pet have come to know more about the wonders of this ancient plant, the industry, and all of the important things to know when finding the right product – which must be safe and effective.

We could not contain our excitement. We had to tell everyone we knew about our experience….hence, the birth of Natural Healing Supplements. At first, we tried to sell CBD oil at discount to the special needs community, but realized we had such a hurdle of educating parents first. Everyone knew what Medical Marijuana was, but many did not know about low-THC cannabis oil…or CBD oil. We believed our efforts would be best placed in advocacy, education and support. We realized we had to help educate parents to the point where they feel confident and comfortable in speaking to medical professionals who had limited knowledge regarding cannabis treatments,

Because of our family’s dependency on hemp oil, and our strong belief that more families should know about this option, we decided to make it our mission to connect with any person who is seeking to learn about natural ways in optimizing their health. We want to encourage these individuals to do their research about their individual needs and what cannabinoids can do for them. They should know they have an option to contact organizations like the Realm of Caring  to learn about cannabinoid therapy and about what product and dosing may be appropriate for them – especially if their doctor is unable or reluctant to participate.

There is a chance that families do not have to rely on the pharmaceutical drugs that are responsible for “2.74 million serious adverse drug reactions” per year – “ranking 4th with stroke as a leading cause of death” (Source: Harvard University Center for Ethics) over cannabis – which in itself has not directly caused ANY deaths in recorded history (Oregon.gov).

We hope that you learn and share the information we try to provide, and hope you become a team member in getting this natural supplement into the hands of people who need it the most.


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