Tell us your Story!

father and son on beach

Our goal here at Natural Healing Supplements are to be educators and advocates of cannabinoid therapy, as well as providers of the safest and highest quality hemp extracts on the market.

To fulfill our goal of education and advocacy, we want to provide others who are considering cannabinoid therapy with stories of those who have found success in its use. We are only seeking those who use hemp extracts to improve their mind and bodily stresses only – Our focus is not on medical marijuana and its benefits.

Please share your story with us. Tell us the reason why you use hemp extracts and what it has done for you. In the end, we would like to provide a database of stories for others around the world to read about people just like them – which will provide hope and encouragement in their cannabinoid journey to improved health and wellness.

The more users of hemp we have, the more powerful will our voice become.


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